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Kalum Esoteric Bookstore, Ñuñoa, phone 2 2238808
Esoteric School Isis, Ñuñoa, phone 2 2043058 - 2 2045139
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$ 30.000


When making the purchase I state the following:

1.- That in a free manner, and being totally capable, I declare to know that the owners, administrators and holders of Inventive rights over the therapy services in esoteric techniques that are given in the so-called Esoteric School Isis are Mrs. Kharen Ormazabal Morales, identity card number 12.649.733-4, Mr. Alejandro González Chandía, identity card number 14.324.117-3, and the company Servicios Integrales Kharen Nitza Ormazabal Morales E.I.R.L, RUT: 76.372.097-7.

2.- That of my own free will, and being fully capable, I declare to know the esoteric techniques used in the Isis School, and I have requested to submit myself to the Course or Service stipulated in my purchase.

3.- That I freely, and being fully capable, declare to accept the price of the course or service indicated in my purchase.

4.- That freely, and being fully capable, I declare to know and accept the charter of principles, rights and duties of the Esoteric School Isis, "The School".
The studies, therapies, orientations and advice given in the school have been planned and developed by Mrs. KHAREN ORMAZABAL MORALES, in her capacity as Grand Master of Freemasonry and with studies in Kabbalist Magic, Master Mason, Master Degree 3, Master of Reiki, among other areas of esoteric sciences.

The teachers, therapists, counselors and counsellors who act on behalf of and under the services provided by the School have been tutored, honored and invested in these capacities under the techniques developed by Mrs. KHAREN ORMAZABAL MORALES.

The services provided by the School are of an esoteric nature, so the obligation that governs this provision is of means, never of result.

Once the agreement protocols for the beginning of the contracted service have been fulfilled, it will last for the stipulated time, with a maximum of one year, at the end of which a new agreement protocol must be generated by the parties to govern the following year.

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